LincolnLog Reliability

Long Term Reliability

The Masoneilan 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog valve from
Baker Hughes offers longterm reliability in

    High-pressure, liquid-letdown, anti-cavitation

                    control valve applications.

Engineering knowledge and expertise has made us a leader
in control valve applications with products such as Flexible
Better Fit severe-service solutions. The LincolnLog valve
is a control valve solution of choice throughout the wide
spectrum of severe-service liquid flow applications.

Proven Performance

The LincolnLog valve design has more than 20 years of
proven field performance as the industry’s premier

     High pressure, liquid-letdown solution.

LincolnLog is a reliable and
robust anti-cavitation control valve package with enhanced
multi-stage and axial flow-trim technology incorporated
into a rugged valve design. Over the years, LincolnLog
has successfully met the challenges of thousands of
severe-service applications around the globe.

Valve Solutions and Services for the World’s
Tough ApplicationsLincolnLog Reliability

Industries and Applications

• Upstream Oil & Gas
• Pump Recirculation
• Produced Water Injection
• High Pressure Separator Refining
• Rich Amine Service
• Cold High Pressure Separator

  • Letdown
     Power Generation
    • Pump Recirculation
    • Boiler Feedwater Start-Up
    • High Pressure Spraywater Control
Reliable, Long Term Performance

The leading cause of poor control valve performance and
premature failure in high-pressure, liquid-letdown service
is cavitation. Some liquid applications cavitate so severely
that the valve can experience diminished performance or
even mechanical failure within hours of commissioning. The
multistage design of the LincolnLog valve reduces cavitation
by directing the fluid through a series of three-dimensional,
high-impedance pressure-reduction areas, or stages.
This highly tortuous flow path helps prevent cavitation by
managing the pressure reduction and fluid velocity through
every stage, promoting repeatable performance during the
valve’s life.

The LincolnLog valve offers reliable, long-term performance
in the most extreme applications such as inaccessible
high-pressure, liquid-letdown, wellhead-injection valves.
The LincolnLog anti-cavitation control valve can be
custom engineered with as many as 10 stages of pressure
reduction for applications with extreme pressure drops
in excess of 8000 psi (550 Bar). These valves control the
pressure drop in multiple stages for confident operation in
remote locations such as offshore platforms. Furthermore,
a flexible range of staging ratios is available to customize
the pressure drop for a wide variety of fluids and

Multi-Stage, Axial Flow Technology

High trim velocity can intensify cavitation damage inside
the control valve. This damage is common in many singlestage
valve designs, which take the full pressure drop
across a single region within the trim. This single region is
typically the leading edge of the plug and seat — an area
that experiences the highest velocity. Consequently, it
receives the most severe and excessive damage.
Similarly, many radial trim designs, such as drilled- hole
cages and stacked disks, often experience the same fate
under extreme pressure drops. Unlike the axial flow design
of the LincolnLog valve, many radial designs throttle the
pressure drop at the innermost radial stage adjacent
to the plug-seating surface. When this radial trim is
only partially open, the outermost stages are oversized,
essentially becoming inactive and voiding any intended
staging. In this case, the full pressure drop is taken across
the final stage, resulting in high energy release right at the
controlling and seating surface of the plug.

In contrast, the axial flow design of the Baker Hughes
LincolnLog valve offers reliable performance throughout
the entire range of plug travel. By throttling at all stages
in unison, the LincolnLog valve reduces short-circuiting
of any pressure-reduction stage, decreasing wear along
the leading and controlling edge of the plug. The axial
flow technology of the LincolnLog valve helps eliminate
damage to any controlling surface (plug, cage or seat) by
not exposing any one stage to excessive velocity or the full
pressure drop.