CLARK RBK Slurry Knife Gate Valve


Clark RBK Slurry Knife Gate

Zero leakage, bubble tight shut-off.
Bi-directional. Flow and shut-off.

100% Full bore.
No dead space or seat cavity.
Self adjusting secondary seal.
Double Seat design for heavy duty slurry service.
Ease of replacement of seat liners.
No metal parts in contact with the flowing slurry.
No clogged bonnet to impede flow.
Low maintenance requirements.
Suitable for wet or dry service.
Wide range of elastomers available.

The Clark RBK seats are well suited for slurry service.

The face and seal profile allow easier installation and

can be used in most pipe style and mating flange configurations

without gaskets.

Matching sleeves are placed in the valve housing to seal against

the gate when the valve is closed and seal against each other when

the valve is open.

When open, the improved sleeve I.D. profile and the sleeve compression

combine to provide a tight seal, containing the internal line pressure and

precluding direct pressure against the secondary seal.

As the gate moves from open to closed, a gap is created between the facing

sleeves, allowing any media that could potentially clog or jam the valve to be

purged out from between the sleeves, and potentially expelled outside the valve

housing to atmosphere.

With the gate fully closed, the sleeves are in full contact with the gate face.

Again, the sleeve profile provides an assist to the sealing function.

The unique Clark RKB sleeve assembly provides positive sealing action

when the valve gate is closed or open; protecting the metal parts from the flowing slurry.